California market entry

Through our established relationships, collaborative partnerships and integrated research, we allow you to land solidly in California with a trusted network and action plan to grow your business at a solid ROI. 



  • Producing the industry-specific market research to identify your potential clients and partners
  • Referrals to trusted site and legal partners for relocation services 
  • Training your local and home-based staff in cross-cultural communications 
  • Building local and global distribution/export networks
  • Scheduling one-to-one business matchmaking meetings
  • Overseeing the home-based company vision is applied to the local market
  • Providing local strategic communications services to grow your presence after entry
  • Additional services are available through our local network of seasoned consultants for exporting, franchising, partnering, joint venture and turnkey projects..

business development and investment

Growing your business requires targeted marketing and business development with your potential clients. We find the clients, develop the relationships, and get you ready and in front of them to close the deal.

  • Research stakeholders - investors, industry leaders, potential clients, partners
  • One-to-one business matchmaking meetings
  • B2B Investor community events
  • Tailor-made trade missions and associated events.

Building relationships with investors involves a boutique level of strategic communications, where face-to-face meetings, informal gatherings and tailored communications build the trust necessary to close the deal with profitable outcomes. This is our main activity - across borders, industries and markets.

  • Identifying your company's selling points
  • Matching your company with potential investors
  • Placing you and your company at specialized events and in front of investors
  • Scheduling one-to-one business matchmaking meetings
  • Producing and disseminating your company's marketing materials
  • Contributing to due diligence through the production of company and market reports, and through personal meetings with potential investors

entrepreneur training and executive positioning

Keeping atop the cutting edge of your industry calls for a commitment to development. We integrate cross-cultural communications, sales techniques and emotional intelligence into our bespoke training sessions to give executives a captivating voice and startups an attractive pitch.
Executive trainings - business deals, communications, media, presentation
Startup trainings - communications, media, presentation

Going from good to great requires an awesome leader. We get your company there by creating the appropriate and powerful image of you as the company’s brand ambassador.

  • Media placement
  • Op-eds, blogging
  • Speakership placement at events - from global forums to startup competitions
  • Presentation placement at expert and startup events