Event marketing

Productions to engage your target audience from boutique events to large-scale conferences and trade missions. Our clients focus on:Business Engagement on a global level and the Promotion of their products, services and events in the California market.

    Russian Innovation Week Silicon Valley 2013
    Russian Innovation Week Boston 2013
    Company Cross-Border Promotions

    Korean Tech Conference + Expo
    2015 Automated Future
    2014 Internet of Things

    Global Technology Symposium (GTS)
    2016 Inspiring What's Next
    2015 Learn, Start, Lead
    2014 Challenging Trendsetters

    We work on global events sponsored by foreign-based organizations to promote their nation's innovation, industry and market.

    Our services focus on establishing your brand in the US market from the concept phase to the promotion and production phase. 

    • Increasing awareness among your target audience and media in the US.
    • Getting your story published in key print, online, radio and TV media outlets
    • Leveraging your event to create working relationships with stakeholders - from investors and high-level speakers to opinion leaders and journalists
    • Securing financial sponsorships and strategic partnerships
    • Creating and overseeing the agenda - including concept, content, speakers.
    • Sculpting your online presence and increasing your online engagement
    • Acting as the point person for your event
    • Creating the marketing and distribution channels to secure the right recognition, collaborators and audience
    • Working with local production companies* to oversee logistics, AV, F&B, among others(*E+C partners with seasoned consultants, including videographers, photographers, event planners)

    Media coverage includes