Project production

Whether a conference series or product launch, we clearly define your roadmap to take your project to the next level - front and center with your stakeholders. We spend the time with you in developing the goals, the content and the plan to make a unique project that builds your brand and creates a solid network.


superbrands California - California's strongest and most valuable brands

Superbrands California is part of the larger Superbrands global program in 88 countries around the world. The program pays tribute to great brands and provides case studies of successful branding strategies in each country. Superbrands California will be the first program for a U.S. state.

Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only, and offered to the most outstanding brands in their field. Attaining Superbrands status strengthens a brand's position, adds prestige and reassures consumers and suppliers that they are buying the best brand in its category.


"A Superbrand offers consumers significant emotional and/or physical advantages over it's competitors which (consciously or sub-consciously) consumers want, recognise, and are willing to pay a premium for."

BPI Global Talk - advancing the dialogue

BPI Global Talk™ is an event series advancing the global dialogue on a local platform through powerful, influential talks about best business practices across borders, industries and agendas. BPI (Building Powerful Influence) began in 2011 with a conference series in Greece and Serbia featuring renowned leadership trainers, entrepreneurs and experts to advance the region’s business scene.

BPI Global Talk™ offers two salon series – Building Business Success and Broadening Horizons – and will soon launch the annual BPI Salon Summit in each community. Our salons bring to the stage local professionals with global knowledge to share their personal stories of success in short talks. Our BPI Salon Summits will highlight the brand for which communities are known around the world.

BPI speakers

Leave the fear behind - Griselda Barajas
Family is at the core of all success - IIan Frank
An entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t have any other choice. All heart. All in.- Francois Muse
Train people into leaders - Mooniek Seebregts
It takes all kinds to make the world spin (words from her Irish father) - Kit Dillion Givas
I worked hard to live the American Dream - Ognian Gavrilov
Excellence & Passion - Myrnalyn Murray
Go to school (without debt) - Stephanie Anthony
Creativity, future & desire to grow (reasons for starting her business) - Koy Saephan

#BPIGlobalTalk - Advancing the dialogue

#BPIGlobalTalk - Advancing the dialogue

WE-Style - Women entrepreneurs' style - Coming 2018!

WE-Style - Women entrepreneurs' style - Coming 2018!

we style

euronique+communications supports a grassroots movement promoting select global women who have started their own creative companies and organizations throughout the world, including Africa, Europe and the US. We Style is slated to launch late 2018.