Success Stories

e+c client testimonials


media relations


“euronique+communications brought the media attention we hoped for but didn't think was possible.”

— government agency

“We received highly qualified PR services, thus improving the awareness of our company. We collaborated for two years, and plan to continue working together in the future.”

— global entity


strategic communications


“focused strategy. persuasive communications.”

— international venture capitalist

“increased our volume with net results.”

— entrepreneur

“euronique put an outside face to my company and greatly developed its visibility beyond our previous market.”

— business owner


e+c event series


“What an incredible evening... Congratulations! You've got something beautiful to offer the world."

“On a hugely successful event! Great speakers, great venue and fascinating stories shared.”

“Your work is helping to highlight the global nature of Sacramento. We look forward to the next one.”

“I was very impressed with the speakers and overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for enterprise and the community.”

“Thank you so much for including me in your vision of possibilities.”

“Thank you... for starting this movement.”

— BPI Global Talk attendees