building business relationships across borders.

euronique+communications provides strategic communications and event/project management services that expand clients’ reach to new markets and grow their influence among stakeholders. The California-based consultancy works with venture-backed firms, startups from different nations, international organizations and global executives – with a focus on multicultural business engagement. In the event arena, e+c is the producer of BPI Global Talk®; and statewide, e+c runs Superbrands California.



knowledge. influence. networking.

Our vision is to create new relationships for clients through the use of knowledge, influence and networking - key parts of strategic communications. Increasing profits in today's multicultural business environment requires a combination of all three for effective communications to take hold.

euronique+communications attains this combination by way of its unique formula integrating human relations, cultural awareness and business acumen into clients' communications strategies. We are dedicated to filling the gap in cross-cultural business relations and creating leverage for new opportunities.

We produce the strategic communications plans that increase influence and create solid connections.

Our area of interest is emerging and developing economies, and our regional focus is Southeast Europe and California. In an aim to promote growth within the region, we remain involved in up-coming cross-border projects in the area, and are always interested in your feedback, interest and proposals for new projects.

Elisabeth Maragoula
CEO + Founder

"Your success is our success. Work is about 'more, better, faster', with a sprinkle of hygge!"

"Your success is our success. Work is about 'more, better, faster', with a sprinkle of hygge!"